Rush Nursing Annual Report – FY2017

The 2017 Nursing Annual Report at Rush University Medical Center highlights how Rush nurses advance the professional practice of nursing.

Rush nurses. They’ve got their work cut out for them. But they get a lot accomplished.

And they never stop striving - to learn more, to achieve more, and to deliver the most advanced patient care.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is vital to transcend the challenges of a health care environment in transition. Rush nurses embrace these challenges, seeking and implementing new solutions that result in better patient care.

Structural Empowerment

Structural empowerment is about making sure that all Rush nurses can access the path to changing what needs to be changed and improving how we care for each other, our community, and our patients.

Exemplary Professional Practice

Exemplary professional practice ensures that patients receive the best care possible and that their needs are met. Rush nurses embrace the Continuous Pursuit of Excellence, our philosophy and system to improve our work everyday.

New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements

New knowledge, innovations and improvements help Rush nurses to be more inquisitive, more responsive, and more caring. Every day presents opportunities to excel and advance the art and science of nursing.