Rush Nursing Annual Report – FY 2018

Professional nursing at Rush gets stronger every year. The 2018 Nursing Annual Report focuses on examples of how Rush nurses excel and celebrates their achievements.

Rush nurses take their jobs seriously, working at the most advanced levels of their profession.

Through their diligence, they continually deliver results that benefit patients and their families, as well as the community and the medical center.

Transformational Leadership

Rush nurses never stop asking how things can be done better, transforming the way patients are cared for and improving the way Rush functions. Our strength is in shared governance and being empowered to transform how we deliver health care.

Structural Empowerment

Rush nurses are out in front as the health care environment continues to change. We’re working to integrate the power of shared governance across the Rush system. And in this age of rapid response situations, Rush nurses are ready to lead.

Exemplary Professional Practice

Developing more effective patient care protocols, improving the patient experience, and implementing a procedural texting service to communicate better with patients and their loved ones are all examples of exemplary professional practice by Rush nurses.

New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements

This is what Rush nurses do best: innovate and improve. If they see an issue, they are empowered to act on it - to investigate, research, and find solutions that help make patient care more effective and efficient, and less stressful for everyone.


There is strength in continual improvement, and Rush nurses grow stronger every year as they develop their skills, earn specialty certifications, present and publish their research, and are recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Shared Governance

The Professional Nursing Staff (PNS) at Rush delivers the strength of empowered nurses and the power of the whole. Now even stronger due to ongoing system integration, PNS continues to be the catalyst for shared governance at Rush.