Rush Nursing Annual Report – FY2016

The 2016 Nursing Annual Report at Rush University Medical Center highlights how Rush nurses advance the professional practice of nursing.

Nursing at Rush. Working together. Striving to excel.

Advancing the professional practice of nursing to an even higher level. Providing the very best care to every patient.

Transformational Leadership

Health care is rapidly changing. Rush nurses are leading the way, with a vision for the future that’s rooted in today’s reality. We are committed to transforming our organization for the better.

Structural Empowerment

Rush nurses are empowered to affect outcomes. Not just patient outcomes, but organizational outcomes as well. We are empowered to do things better to accomplish our goals and help our patients.

Exemplary Professional Practice

Rush nurses practice at the highest professional level. We understand that the role of nursing extends beyond patients and their families to the interdisciplinary team and the community beyond.

New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements

New knowledge and innovations challenge Rush nurses to improve quality, develop new models of care, apply new evidence and contribute to the science of nursing. We think it’s an exciting time to be a professional nurse.