PNS FY2016 Committee Accomplishments

PNS FY16 Committee Accomplishments

PNS Advanced Practiced Nurse (APN) Committee

  • Organized annual APN celebration
  • Established APN subcommittees
  • Positioned APN members on several hospital-wide committees

PNS Documentation Committee

  • Redefined chair and member time commitments and responsibilities
  • Contributed to several Epic nursing documentation changes through participation in the Epic Clinical Documentation Committee
  • Completed audits of Schmid/Braden scales with documentation recommendations

PNS Education Committee

  • Completed nine educational events
  • Worked with the Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) office to ensure continuing education credits were accessible for events offered
  • Formatted education events into online versions to ensure availability to all RUMC RNs

PNS Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) and Research Committee

  • Sponsored four EBP and research projects from four different nursing service lines with Assistant Vice President (AVP) support
  • Initiated an online journal club with CNE offerings
  • Integrated the new position of director of clinical research in nursing into the co-chair position
  • Initiated several other EBP and research projects, including Pet Pause and a pain study in the PICU
  • Awarded RUMC’s first nursing EBP and research grant with additional monies donated to seven grant nominees

PNS Staffing and Finance Committee

  • Presented a formal acuity tool recommendation to nursing senior leadership
  • Redefined role of committee
  • Presented Illinois Nursing Care Committee requirement to post staffing grids to several committees
  • Developed a tool kit for posting staffing grids in all inpatient units

PNS Work-Life Committee

  • Created and presented a work-life tool kit
  • Investigated Code Lavender for RUMC
  • Incorporated one of the nursing department goals of reducing nursing stress and burnout into one of the Work-Life committee goals

PNS Nursing Standards of Practice (NSOP) Committee

  • Initiated a third co-chair into the committee
  • Redefined co-chair and member commitments and responsibilities
  • Reorganized monthly committee meeting
  • Completed all assigned nursing policy reviews and revisions for FY2016

PNS Nursing Standards of Patient Care (NSPC) Committee

  • Completed all assigned nursing care plan reviews and revisions for FY2016
  • Initiated a new chair for the committee.

PNS Recognition Committee

  • Awarded monthly Daisy award for FY2016
  • Assisted in planning and organizing of APN Award
  • Monitored and reported outside nominations and awards of RUMC nurses
  • Reorganized format of annual Nurses Week award ceremony
  • Managed and awarded annual Nurses Week awards

PNS Magnet Committee

  • Created Magnet rounding groups, Magnet champions, Magnet escorts and a Magnet newsletter in preparation for the document submission and site visit
  • Prepared and invigorated RUMC nursing and staff for a fourth Magnet document submission and site visit via two Magnet fairs
  • Organized RUMC nurses’ attendance at the Annual Magnet Conference
  • Attained RUMC’s fourth Magnet designation

PNS Past Presidents’ Committee

  • Created and approved a PNS officer orientation checklist
  • Began alignment of Rush Oak Park Hospital’s shared governance organization with RUMC’s for upcoming Magnet redesignation document submission in 2020
  • Guided and assisted current PNS president and president elect

PNS Nominating and Succession Planning Committee

  • Increased committee membership
  • Assessed and solicited for PNS committee membership
  • Created an exit interview for nurses leaving PNS committees, secured a PNS treasurer and PNS president elect for FY2017

PNS Nursing Quality Improvement Committee (NQIC)

  • Reviewed and discussed nursing-related quality improvement projects and issues, including safety events, near misses and sentinel events
  • Monitored and reported core measures, Press Ganey scores and TJC (The Joint Commission) preparation

Other PNS accomplishments for FY2016 include the following: 

  • Completed four PNS Open forums
  • Supported two Magnet fairs
  • Distributed monthly PNS newsletter
  • Held a diversity event and a certification fair during Nurses Week
  • Completed TJC visit with no nursing findings
  • Completed a clinical nurse advancement and maintenance process for RN3s
  • Participated in several Rush Way projects, rapid improvement projects and practice related improvement projects

FY2016 Goals