PNS FY2016 Goals

Magnet Site Visit Preparation

  • Successful document submission in 2015
  • Successful Magnet site visit in November 2015
  • Received fourth Magnet designation in January 2016
  • One podium and two poster presentations from Rush accepted for Magnet Conference in October 2016.


  • Subcommittee of FY2016 PNS Executive Committee
  • Completed demographic survey of all PNS committees, including PNS standing committees, department and unit advisory committees
  • Exit interview being created for RNs leaving PNS committees
  • Self-evaluation information sheet to be given during evaluation reviews this summer
  • PNS Executive Committee members to visit UACs this summer to review role of UAC members

Ambulatory Department Integration in PNS

  • Ambulatory department included in Magnet document and site visit
  • Rush RN was a poster presenter at AAACN conference
  • ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) accepted as a podium presentation at Magnet Conference in October 2016 and listed as an exemplar during Magnet site visit
  • First Gayle Fewer Award for Ambulatory Nurses given during Nurses Week 2016
  • FY2017 PNS president and treasurer from ambulatory department

Charge RN Role Development

  • Subcommittee of PNS Executive Committee
  • Created and advanced Core Charge RN Initiative, including expansion of the charge RN role with a revised checklist and requirement to attend both charge RN and charge RN advanced workshops
  • Core charge RN initiative being rolled out to all RUMC inpatient units

Community Outreach/Volunteerism

  • Completed two mini health fairs with Thresholds in March and June 2016
  • Completed a volunteer event, Summer Fest, at St. Anthony’s Hospital in June 2016
  • Created a combined Community Outreach subcommittee between PNS Executive Committee and the Magnet Committee to meet Magnet requirements
  • More frequent volunteer events to be offered in FY2017