PNS Goals and Accomplishments – Fiscal Year 2017


Improve Shared Governance Structure

  • Surveyed PNS groups using IPNG validated tool
  • Survey results reviewed at PNS retreat and goals established
  • ROPH also participated

Increase PNS Visibility

  • Rolling PNS awareness fair - PNS executive members walked around units to talk about shared governance with nurses
  • Monthly communications from PNS president placed in newsletter

Rollout Professional Nurse Image

  • Survey was completed on color choice of nursing scrubs in July 2016
  • The color chosen by nursing staff was black
  • Rush provided stipend to inpatient nurses and PCTs to purchase new uniforms
  • Nurse uniform go-live April 17, 2017
  • PCT uniform go-live July 1, 2017

Standardize Committee Roles of Executive Sponsor, Chair and Member

  • Expectation for executive sponsor to meet with chair and attend meetings quarterly
  • Equitable reconfiguration of nursing senior leaders as executive sponsors to all PNS committees
  • Improved orientation process for new chairs

Community Outreach/Volunteerism

  • Four events held
    • Trilogy - four staff members volunteered
    • First Emmanuel Lutheran Church health fair - 12 staff members volunteered
    • Senior Fest - four staff members volunteered
    • Thresholds - 17 staff members paid through PNS for participation

Additional Projects

  • Involvement in safe campus committee
  • Onboarding of new CNO - participated in interview process
  • Participated in practice focus group/survey-provided feedback on innovative software and nursing practice