PNS President’s Message

Fiscal Year 2016: A Year of Accomplishments for Rush Nurses

Christy Aliposa, BSN, RN, CMSRN, PNS PresidentChristy Aliposa, BSN, RN, CMSRN, PNS President

As I think back over my year as Professional Nursing Staff (PNS) president, I have a lot of people to recognize who participated and contributed to PNS’s accomplishments for fiscal year 2016.

I would like to acknowledge all of the members of the PNS Executive Committee, all chairs and co-chairs of PNS committees, Mary Katherine Wainwright, Samantha Sarris, Erin Dowding, Natalie Jacobs, Lu Xu, Ann Jankiewicz, Patty Nedved and especially Angela Geschrey and Eric Zack.

The PNS executive committee formed several subcommittees that achieved accomplishments related to our PNS goals. There were many PNS Committee accomplishments for FY2016, including each committee preparing for a site visit with a Magnet surveyor.

Highlights of accomplishments by Rush University Medical Center nurses include the following:

  • Presented two posters and a podium presentation at the Magnet Conference in October 2015
  • Received our fourth Magnet designation in January 2016
  • Completed a demographic survey of all members of PNS committees
  • Drafted an RN exit interview survey for RNs relinquishing membership from a PNS committee
  • Created and advanced a core charge RN initiative, including expansion of the Charge RN role with a revised checklist and requirements
  • Completed two Mini Health Fairs with Thresholds and volunteered at Summer Fest at St. Anthony’s Hospital in June 2016
  • Formed a Community Outreach subcommittee between the PNS Executive Committee and the PNS Magnet Committee to organize Rush nursing’s outreach activities.
  • Integrated nurses in the Ambulatory Department into the PNS structure by incorporating Ambulatory nursing into the Magnet document and site visit and securing an Ambulatory RN as the PNS president elect.

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