PNS President’s Message

FY19 Professional Nursing Staff (PNS) Accomplishments

Susan Nelson, BSN, RN, CPN - PNS President ElectSusan Nelson, BSN, RN, CPN - PNS President Elect

I wanted to let you know all the exciting projects that were accomplished during Fiscal Year 2019. As your PNS President, I was busy this year in a variety of projects that impacted nurses here at Rush University Medical Center. My goals were centered on the pillars of People, Growth and Reach, and Quality and Safety.

In regards to the pillar of People, my first goal was to promote the Professional Nursing Staff through sharing of the new structure that was adopted at the end of FY18. I was able to promote the sharing of the new structure through visiting each of the Department Advisory Committee’s (DAC) to discuss the new PNS structure and answer any questions. The new structure was added to new nurse orientation and on the nursing SharePoint site.

My second goal related to people was to strengthen the composition of the DAC and standardize agenda items across all service lines. This was accomplished by making changes to the PNS Bylaws to have DAC co-chaired by a clinical nurse and the AVP, and standardizing DAC agendas to make sure the flow of communication between the Unit Advisory Committee (UAC) and PNS Executive committee is complete.

The second pillar of Growth and Reach goals were related to the revision of our PNS Bylaws and Integration. The PNS Bylaws are reviewed and revised every four years by the PNS Executive Committee. In FY19, we added the Nursing Operations Council into the PNS bylaws. The PNS President and PNS President-Elect are members of this committee. Other updates to the PNS Bylaws were updated to require clinical nurse co-chairs for all UAC’s and DAC’s.

We also updated the PNS bylaws to include electronic voting as an approved way of voting. All the changes/updates were voted and approved by the Professional Nursing Staff members.

The three Rush System of Health Hospitals shared governance are separate. Over the last two years we have worked with the three hospitals to see where we could integrate our shared governance to work together and form a stronger structure. I was able to complete a comparative analysis of the Shared Governance structures of the three hospitals: Rush University Medical Center, Rush Oak Park and Rush Copley. During FY19 the following PNS committees were integrated with Rush Oak Park and/or Rush Copley: Legislative and Patient Advocacy, Past President, EBP, and Research and Documentation.

The third pillar of Quality and Safety goals were developed based on the nursing engagement survey that was completed in Spring 2019. Nursing safety was a concern of the nursing staff, and as the PNS President, I was engaged in initiatives to promote safety within the Medical Center. The Safe Campus Committee, which includes clinical nurses as members, formed a Visitor Management System Governance Committee to look at ways to make the campus safer. I also worked on the new visitor policy to make one policy for the entire Medical Center.

Lastly, as the PNS President, we served others in the community by volunteering at two Trilogy health fairs, two Threshold health fairs and Senior Fest where we did B/P checks and discussed healthy eating.

As you can see it was a busy and productive year. I couldn’t have done it without the incredible nursing leadership and the dedication of the clinical nurses that make Rush University Medical Center known for Excellence.

Susan Nelson BSN, RN, CPN

PNS Officers