Rush Nursing Annual Report – FY 2019

A Rush nurse is all about improvement. The 2019 Nursing Annual Report celebrates these improvements and the nurses behind them.

Improvements are sometimes wide-reaching and complex, involving intensive and ongoing collaboration across Rush. Other times, significant improvements are developed by a single motivated nurse or a small team committed to achieving results that improve quality, safety, and patient outcomes.

Transformational Leadership

A Rush nurse is dedicated to transforming the art and practice of nursing, from breathing new life into an underutilized discharge suite to developing a vascular access team to improve patient safety.

Structural Empowerment

A Rush nurse is empowered to solve problems and find better ways to get things done. From reducing nursing turnover rates in the NICU to extending the care continuum to patients’ homes, Rush nurses find ways to provide improved patient care while also taking care of each other.

Exemplary Professional Practice

A Rush nurse sees opportunities for improvement wherever challenges exist. Examples in FY19 include a sustained decline in pressure injuries, improved patient satisfaction regarding delays, and increased effectiveness of ambulatory nurse triage calls, as well as intensive training prior to the reopening of the psychiatric units.

New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements

A Rush nurse is innovative and excited for the opportunity to take nursing practice to the next level, from transforming ED operations to preparing to become the first hospital in Illinois to utilize cerebral microdialysis. Nurse-led projects evaluated equipment, nursing care models, exercise and cancer-related fatigue, and the effects of mindfulness on nurses’ stress levels.


A Rush nurse seeks to learn, to research, to acquire skills, to share. All with the goal of improving patient care and advancing nursing practice. Whether carrying out their nursing duties in an exemplary way, speaking at a conference, co-authoring a research paper, or presenting a poster, Rush nurses excel. This report recognizes and celebrates their achievements.

Shared Governance

A Rush nurse knows that collaboration is key to continuous improvement throughout the medical center and the Rush system. When Rush nurses work together, their accomplishments are impressive. The Professional Nursing Staff continues to set the bar high and deliver results.