A message from Angelique Richard, Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Clinical Nursing

Angelique Richard, PhD, RN, CENPAngelique Richard, PhD, RN, CENP

I am proud to share with you the Rush University Medical Center Nursing Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2019 (July 2018 – June 2019).

The successes of FY19 are the direct result of Rush nurses’ commitment to improving quality, safety, and outcomes for our patients. Together, Rush nurses improved the patient experience, which is reflected in higher quality and satisfaction scores and in the positive feedback we get from our patients.

Several exemplary professional practice efforts are highlighted in this report, among them the reduction in hospital-acquired pressure injuries, increased use of call lights in the perioperative and prep areas, and completion of the RUMG nursing triage project.

The structural empowerment that we embrace ensures all Rush nurses can help bring about change where it is needed and improve how we care for the entire community: patients, neighbors, and colleagues.

This culture leads to innovative, collaborative improvements, which in FY19 included these successful initiatives:

  • R-VAT, the Rush Vascular Access Team of nurses who proactively ensure timely line placements.
  • A patient-centered discharge suite that improved comfort and enhanced the model of care by adding an RN to the staff.
  • Adoption of the Cipher case management system to streamline calls to patients post discharge and ensure they have the information they need.

Rush’s 3,000 nurses are transforming health care through excellence in all of their roles – as clinicians, leaders, teachers, and researchers. Rush nurses investigate solutions to raise the standard of care and improve the quality of life of our patients, as well as our staff. The following are among the innovative, evidence-based research projects featured in this report:

  • The effectiveness of one-to-one nursing care in photopheresis treatment.
  • Whether physical activity reduces high-grade glioma patients’ fatigue.
  • How learning mindfulness skills may reduce nurses’ stress levels.

By looking back at all we achieved, we can move forward proudly as we continue to fulfill our mission of improving patient outcomes and transforming health care now and into the future.

Your innovative thinking and collaborative work continue to advance nursing, raise standards, and define excellence. I am awed by your Magnet performance, which you deliver every day. Enjoy this report and take pride in our accomplishments.

I am proud to be a Rush nurse!

Angelique Richard, PhD, RN, CENP
Vice President for Clinical Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer
Rush University Medical Center and the Rush system